Credits & Feedback

We would like to thank the following experts who featured in the resource videos for their time and expertise:

  • ‘John’ (name changed)
  • Alka Bhagat, Dormers Wells High School
  • Daniel Bishop, Allenby Primary School
  • Paul Smith, Prevent Practitioner
  • Tom Llewellyn-Jones, Barking & Dagenham
  • Mubina Asaria, LGfL

The project was led by Mubina Asaria and Mark Bentley from the LGfL DigiSafe team. We would like to thank Sean Arbuthnot from Nottinghamshire Council, Exit UK , Elyanne Hatten from the Department for Education and the wider Prevent teams at the DfE and Home Office for their advice, expertise and guidance in shaping this resource.

Thanks also to Bob Usher from LGfL for many hours filming and video editing, as well as further advice on the resource design, as well as John Laker from Adept Education who designed and built the website.

If you have any ideas on how to improve this resource or can share examples of how you have used it, please e-mail us .